Adventure Bike Riding Schools

Adventure Bike Riding course is designed to help riders to feel more comfortable with their adventure bikes when taking them offroad.

The course is composed of three sections: introduction, core techniques and advanced exercises. Although the course is focused around 400lb+ (181+kg) adventure bikes any dual sport riders are welcome as well. Most techniques can be applied for a wide range of

Adventure Bike Riding School will help you with the following:

  • basic skills when riding offroad
  • common mistakes riders make when operating big adventure bikes
  • body position and body movement
  • throttle, clutch and brake control
  • balancing skills and riding slow
  • sharp turns and counterbalancing
  • riding over obstacles and how to avoid them
  • riding on loose gravel and through rock gardens
  • riding in the sand and mud
  • hill climbs and hill descents
  • safe hill turns
  • how to recover from multiple scenarios, such as falling on a hill, stalling, etc.
  • basic preparation for short and long motorcycle tours and expeditions
  • and more...

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