Freeriding and Coaching with Tim Coleman with Bike You

Tim Coleman Riding Clinic with Bike You on December the 13th, 14th and 15th!

While there are many talented riders and accomplished racers in the world, what makes Tim Coleman unique is his very generous nature of sharing his skills and his riding style, which many seem to define as freeriding.
He brings so much fun into the world of riding a dirt bike. His style embodies all the key elements of freeriding: playfulness, creativity, trials techniques and tricks. It's no accident that his company is called Tc Trickz Trials Entertainment, Motorcycle Stunt Show. He lives, breathes and dreams about freeriding. That's what makes him unique and so appealing to so many riders around the world!

Freeriding with Tim Coleman is taking it easy, taking time to learn a technique or a trick. There is no need to be stressed or rushed about it. It's all about playing with the law of physics, body, mind and motorcycle.


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